I’m still waiting for the fence guys to finish up so I can start prepping the garden for this year’s planting season. I’ll be glad when they get done. I want to see how it’s going to look. I hope they make the gate look pretty. We’re having it custom-built, because the company that made the fencing itself doesn’t make gates. I don’t really understand the reasoning behind that, but I guess it made sense to somebody.

I fed the worms some cucumber and tomato scraps while I was making a tahini salad this evening. They should be happy with that. I poked around in the bin tonight and found them squirming around like crazy under all their bedding and food. They look pretty healthy.

We’ve got tons of sparrows around here right now. They were playing on the neighbor’s roof when I left for work this morning. A friend of mine told me she hates sparrows because they are mean — she said in her yard, they raid other birds’ nests and kill the babies for no apparent reason. My sparrows are either nicer than hers, or else they’re just sneakier. Or maybe I just haven’t seen any baby birds on the ground because the neighbors’ cats eat them before I see them.

In any case, the sparrows on Quimby’s roof this morning were awfully cute. Somehow I just can’t reconcile their cute little faces with my friend’s tales of vicious avian serial killers.


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