Plant update

Remember the cactus I divided and transplanted a couple of weeks ago? It’s growing and thriving. Take a look:



Just for reference, those pots are about three times the size of the one the whole cactus was in before I transplanted it.

The little bitty cactus seedlings aren’t doing so well — they don’t seem to like their new digs at all — and the sprouts in the terrarium have gotten leggy and wilted on me, but the poppy sprouts I planted in a champagne flute have gotten much bigger since the last update:

Poppy sprouts

Oh, and the worms are thriving. Fat and sassy and doing fine in the aspen shavings … although they still haven’t touched that lettuce. I don’t blame them. It’s iceberg, which isn’t my favorite, either. Maybe I should have doused it in ranch dressing to make it taste better. 😉

P.S.: It is 23 days until the Cubbies’ pitchers and catchers report to spring training.