Route 66 information

As I’ve probably mentioned on here before, I do a LOT of Route 66 volunteer work. A big chunk of that work involves answering questions that are e-mailed to me by people planning vacations on Route 66. Because I am not very organized, I tend to forget to save the e-mails I send, which means that every time somebody asks me a question like, “Where are some good places to visit on Route 66?” — which is a simple question with a 2,448-mile-long answer — I waste a lot of time reinventing the wheel.

The offseason is a good time for me to pull together answers to some of the more popular questions and put them on one of my Web sites. That way, when vacation season gets closer, and the questions start coming in, I can say, “Here’s a link that should answer most of your questions” instead of wasting hours rewriting the same e-mail over and over because I was too stupid to save a copy.

I’m not finished, but I’ve made a dent in the project. I made changes and updates to these pages on my Route 66 Motels site:


Places to see

Places to eat

Stay tuned; I’m planning to make more updates and improvements as I get time. Eventually, I’ll add a Route 66 FAQ page that puts this all in the form of questions, with links to the answers, and upload it to all my Web sites.