I came home to let the dogs out during lunch today, and I discovered some white clover growing in the front yard. No blossoms, of course (it’s much too early for that!) but there were a few leaves.

A couple of sparrows were also playing between the bushes in the front yard, and the bees were working in the back. I think I annoyed them by getting right in their flight path while I was showing the hive to a friend, but they were good-natured about it and just flew around me.

A lady at church was wearing a really cute necklace tonight — it had a pendant on it shaped like a pansy blossom. I told her I liked it because it reminded me of the pansies growing in the big planter outside the building. We got to talking about flowers that bloom in winter, which prompted a whole conversation about gardening. She is from Indiana originally, so she’s had to make the same adjustments I’m making — getting used to a different planting zone, adapting to Tulsa’s soil and weather conditions, etc. I might ask her a few questions when I get ready to plant my garden this spring.

Gotta run. I’m trying a new butternut squash soup recipe tonight and need to get into the kitchen and get the squash ready to bake. I’ve been toying with the idea of jumping back on the vegetarian bandwagon lately, so I bought a bunch of produce tonight and dusted off my Mollie Katzen books. I’m planning to spend part of my weekend on the river trail and part of my weekend in the kitchen. 🙂