Gorgeous weather

Today was absolutely beautiful. I spent most of it indoors, because I was working on some stuff for the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, but I did spend a few minutes outside, cleaning up the yard.

I saw a crow fly into a tree as I was standing in the parking lot, talking to a friend after church this morning. That’s the second crow I’ve seen in two days. I saw one yesterday at the Round Barn in Arcadia. I also saw a flock of cardinals and a junco in Arcadia. Juncos are so cute. I just love them.

I shot this picture on the way back from Edmond yesterday, when my friends and I stopped for dinner at the Rock Cafe. I have taken many pictures of that sign, but the lighting and the colors were so perfect last night that I just couldn’t resist getting one more, this time with that gorgeous Maxfield Parrish sky in the background:

Rock Cafe sign

In Edmond, we saw this striking sculpture, which depicts several of the steps in folding a paper crane:

Crane sculpture

I have a flock of paper cranes taped around the edges of my computer monitor, and another flock hanging from a string in my bedroom, so that sculpture just stopped me in my tracks. Absolutely lovely.

The sculpture is at the Fine Arts Institute in Edmond. You can learn to fold a paper crane — and find out what they represent — here.


“I will write peace on your wings
and you will fly all over the world.”
— Sadako Sasaki