Fence, etc.

The guys finally came by today to install the new fence in our back yard. I think it looks absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to start laying out the garden that will go behind it.

In the picture below, Scout was just finishing up her initial inspection of the workmanship.

Scout fence

While I was outside, I decided it was time for portraits of the kids. Here they are:

This is Scout. She is a rat terrier. Emphasis on the “rat” part. In addition to being a home security specialist, Scout is an experienced exterminator, demolition expert, and all-around holy terror. I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything, either.

Evil One

This is Jason, our retired racing greyhound. Greyhounds are gentle, stately creatures, beautiful and sensitive and loving. They are capable of reaching speeds of 45 mph, but most of the time, they move at the same pace as your average three-toed sloth.


Songdog is our crazy collie mix. We wanted another dog. We were looking for a lap dog we could take along on road trips. Song wandered into the driveway and adopted us. So now we have a 50-pound lap dog. We think he’s mostly smooth-coated collie, but he appears to have a bit of heeler and maybe a dash of Belgian Malinois mixed in.

Song spent part of this evening doing his very best impression of those anti-drug commercials from the ’80s. You know:

This is your collie.


This is your collie on drugs.

Song on acid

Any questions?

Coming up

I have some flowers coming up in the front bed. I didn’t get a picture of them today, because I was in a hurry and had to get to work, but I definitely see some kind of bulb plant peeking up through the dirt in one corner. I’m guessing they’re grape hyacinths. I planted a bunch of bulbs and seeds and things out there last year, but the grape hyacinths were about all that came up.

That’s OK. I love grape hyacinths.

I saw some kind of big bird of prey — probably a hawk, but it was moving a little too fast for me to see it clearly — fly across the road in front of me today. I wish I’d gotten a better look. It was pretty.

Not much else happening. I might work on my Gatorade bottle terrarium project tomorrow night. It’s almost February. Still a little early to start tomatoes, but not too bad. We’ll see how this goes.