Ron’s project

I came home for lunch today to find Ron making us a dog waste composter for the back yard.

Steps are in the link above, but basically, he just dug a big hole (I say “just dug a big hole” like it’s nothing, but that was a big job, because we haven’t had much rain all winter, and the ground is like terra cotta), cut the bottom out of an old trash can, drilled a bunch of 1/4-inch holes in the sides, and put it down the hole. He scooped up all the poo and put it down there, along with some septic tank starter and a couple of gallons of water, and stuck the lid on so nobody would fall down the hole.

I got home for lunch before he finished the project, so he let me drill the holes in the trash can, ‘cos I like using the drill.

Here’s how it looks:

Poo pit

And here’s Ron, with his trusty pooper-scooper and his bucket, showing off his handiwork:


I think it turned out pretty well. It will be much more convenient than trying to dig a hole every time we clean up after the dogs, and it’s good for the soil. We won’t use that compost on our garden. It’s just going to feed the grass.

I saw a bunch of pigeons today on the slope next to the Broken Arrow Expressway overpass above 31st Street. There were also lots of pigeons sitting on wires above the BA.

While I was home for lunch, I put some birdseed in the feeders in our back yard. Hopefully we’ll get some visitors.