My California poppy seedlings are growing. They now have tiny little leaves, and they’ve gotten really tall in the last couple of days. Have a look:

Here is the terrarium. Notice all the condensation inside. The seedlings are nice and warm and moist … perfect growing conditions.


Here are the seedlings I planted in a champagne flute, just to see how they would do. They’re not quite as big as the others. I think the greenhouse effect inside the terrarium is helping the seedlings inside it grow faster than the ones in the champagne flute. The terrarium is also probably warmer because it’s hanging two feet from the ceiling, where the air is warmer.


These are my Mexican jumping beans. Ron bought them for me at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo during our trip to San Bernardino in September.


We’d been seeing Mexican jumping beans at souvenir shops all over the Southwest. I was utterly taken with them, but I didn’t get any, because we were afraid they would microwave in the car. (It was still pretty hot out in September.) We were heading back and planned to drive from Amarillo back to Tulsa in one shot, so when we found these little guys at the Big Texan, Ron bought them for me. They live in this little plastic box on my desk and react to UV light from the CFL in my desk lamp. They just chatter and fidget every time I point the lamp in their direction.

Click here and then scroll down to find an explanation of why Mexican jumping beans jump. Pretty amazing little critters, aren’t they?