I got a wake-up call this morning from Suzanne, who told me to stay in bed, because it was raining this morning. Normally, we’d just jog in the rain and not worry about it, but Suzanne is getting over a cold and didn’t want to push her luck, so I just took her advice and slept in a little bit.

This is what I saw when I finally got up:

These tchotchkes are hanging in a south-facing window. See how gray the sky is?



This is what the sky looked like through the pergola:


Did these lichens grow on the woodpile overnight? I don’t remember seeing them before. They’re pretty. I wish I could cultivate lichens, but I read something somewhere that says there’s really no way to do it.


The sparrows didn’t mind the rain:


I love the way the raindrops looked on my garlic plants. The leaves really capture the water.

Garlic in the rain

Garlic in the rain

BTW, I did not Photoshop the color on any of these images. I love how the rain just makes the colors more intense.

I hope you’re having a beautiful Saturday.


“You will keep me safe, and you will keep me warm, and rain will make the flowers grow.”
— Eponine