Busy Saturday

I got up at 7 a.m. today, drove to Stroud, started feeling sick halfway through breakfast rush, called a practitioner, was completely healed within the hour, ate a late breakfast, survived a crazy four-hour lunch rush, made $35 in tips (not bad, considering we split the tips four ways, and some of the customers got mad about having to wait their turn to eat), drove home, checked my e-mail, took a shower, stacked more firewood, helped a former staffer with a resume, and blogged.

I had some good intentions about calling a friend to wish him a happy Ides of March, but I’m tired, and it’s a bit too late to call the East Coast, so I think I’ll just go over the Lesson one more time and head to bed. I have to get to church early tomorrow ‘cos it’s my turn to help with the rugrats in the nursery. I hope the baby is there this week. She’s at that age where she’s learning so fast that she’s like a different little person every time you see her, and it’s a hoot to watch her figure stuff out.


One thought on “Busy Saturday”

  1. Sweet….when the twins were infants we were at a church that was willing to look at the manual provision for Sunday School with us and consider an infant class..they had the most amazing teacher who took our desire to have them in Sunday School (not a child care room) very seriously and he actually spent the entire hour TEACHING them!!! It was remarkable how peaceful and attentive and receptive those TINY little girls were. He made mobiles that hung from the ceiling and they had synonyms and images that you could see if you were looking up from the floor. He read them stories and talked to them about God and he was so sure of their spritiual maturity. He spoke to them as fully mature spiritual thinkers…and they responded.

    I think the littlest class is a blast!!!

    love, kate

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