Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes

It’s a glorious day in Red Fork — dazzling blue skies, blazing sunshine, and warm temperatures. I’ve got Jimmy Buffett on iTunes, an afternoon off, a head full of dreams, and a grand old road calling my name. I’ll have some deep thoughts to share later today, but for the moment, I’m just going to get on my road and have a marvelous day, and I defy anybody to stop me.

(That’s right, Eye Candy — I’m talkin’ to you.)

Film at 11, kids. In the meantime … enjoy your afternoon, wherever you are.


Backyard chickens

By special request, I’ve posted some advice on raising backyard chickens at our House of the Lifted Lorax blog.

If you’re thinking about getting a few chickens … do it. A small flock of hens will help you prepare a garden plot, provide fresh eggs for your table, and keep you in stitches with their antics. They’re versatile, entertaining animals that cost very little to keep and require less maintenance than the average dog. I don’t know how we ever got along without our flock.