Folk Thursday: Carole King

Does Carole King count as folk? I think she does. Here’s a double feature:

And together we lit up the World….

If I suddenly lost the ability to speak or write, I think I could communicate everything I’d ever really need to say by simply playing recordings of Carole King songs.

Maybe I should start thinking about that before I speak….



I think I forgot to mention this the other day, but my friend Tim, who keeps a couple of horses out south of Bixby, was kind enough to share some compost starter with us the other day. We took Gretchen and a box of contractor bags down there Monday night and came home with a pickup load of horse manure, urine-soaked sawdust, and spoiled hay. We now have a compost pile that’s taller than I am.

Needless to say, Tim will be getting some tomatoes and cucumbers and whatever else we grow this summer. 🙂

When I got home from work this evening, I spent an hour or so stacking wood.

My original plan was to fill our little hand cart once and call it good, but something about the smell of the wood and the rain and the feel of honest work on a pretty spring evening was just so satisfying that I kept going until I’d stacked nearly half a rick. I only stopped because I’d run out of both daylight and space on the woodpile, and I didn’t feel like wrestling a pallet across the yard in the dark to start a new pile.

Free firewood, free manure, and an old truck to haul it in … and my new boss called me on her way home from work this evening just to tell me how excited she is that I’ve come to work for her. She is actually going to pay me to organize some projects on Route 66.

What more could a girl want?