Small world

Ron and I went west on 66 today, working on my photo-a-mile project. Between Davenport and Chandler, I stopped to photograph an old house that looked like something out of The Grapes of Wrath, and lo and behold, my friend Tiffani, former Rock Cafe waitress extraordinaire, was cruising down the road in her Mustang and stopped to say hello.

A few miles later, we passed my friend Marilyn and her sidekick, Doug, on the road, recognized them, and pulled over to stop and chat in Chandler. (Marilyn and Doug took me out for barbecue on Tuesday night after I told them about the layoffs. I am blessed to have wonderful friends.)

We were having supper at a barbecue place this evening between Luther and Arcadia, and my friends Jim and Shellee wandered in for dinner. I hadn’t seen Shellee in ages, and it was great to see them — especially since Shellee herself is very sympathetic to downsizing, having spent several months without a job after a similar experience a few years ago.

I love this road….