Busy Saturday

I got up at 7 a.m. today, drove to Stroud, started feeling sick halfway through breakfast rush, called a practitioner, was completely healed within the hour, ate a late breakfast, survived a crazy four-hour lunch rush, made $35 in tips (not bad, considering we split the tips four ways, and some of the customers got mad about having to wait their turn to eat), drove home, checked my e-mail, took a shower, stacked more firewood, helped a former staffer with a resume, and blogged.

I had some good intentions about calling a friend to wish him a happy Ides of March, but I’m tired, and it’s a bit too late to call the East Coast, so I think I’ll just go over the Lesson one more time and head to bed. I have to get to church early tomorrow ‘cos it’s my turn to help with the rugrats in the nursery. I hope the baby is there this week. She’s at that age where she’s learning so fast that she’s like a different little person every time you see her, and it’s a hoot to watch her figure stuff out.