Touch of Grey

What a great day. I started my new job at the Rock Cafe at 7:30 this morning. Normally, being up that early would kick my butt. Today, it was invigorating.

I feel 17 again. When I was a teenager, I worked at a great little mom-and-pop diner called Burger Nook. I had as much fun today as I did back then. Maybe more, because I was working on my road, learning to make some of my favorite food.

Once I’ve built up some stamina, I’ll probably take a loooooong shift on Saturdays and maybe another shift on Sunday afternoons to supplement my Main Street and Scissortail income. I think I can adjust my schedule to allow for church, work, volunteer projects, and study — especially since Dawn has said she can make my schedule at the Rock pretty flexible. Going hell-for-leather makes me feel young.

After work this afternoon, I came home, finished up some housecleaning, and made dinner for my staff from the World. Everybody seemed to be in good spirits, and we had as much fun together as we ever have. This was the best night of Songdog’s life, as he was allowed to spend the evening cuddling with everybody who’d put up with him. It was really cute; I’ll post pictures later. I think it was good for us to get together and realize that we’re all going to be OK, we’ve still got each other, and we can still laugh together.

A touch of grey kind of suits us anyway….