Getting things done

I needed to feel useful tonight, so I crossed No. 84 — clean out the cabinet under the bathroom sink — off my 101 Things list.

I also read the latest Sentinel, baked a quiche, made some refried beans, and Photoshopped a boatload of pictures that I shot this afternoon for work. I’m doing a really fun project that involves printing out copies of historic photos of Red Fork back in the ’40s and ’50s, standing in the same spot where the photographer stood, and shooting pictures of the same places as they look now. The concept has been done over and over (perhaps most notably by Russell Olsen, who has put together two great books full of beautiful then-and-now images from along Route 66), but it’s still fun to do, and I think people around here will enjoy looking at the neighborhood and seeing how it’s changed over the years.

The weather was beautiful — with temperatures in the 80s — and the sky was a dazzling shade of blue, so while I was out with the camera, I took some extra pictures to use as stock photos. I posted two of the more colorful images on the RedFork Main Street blog. Go take a look — I think they’re very pretty and springy. I’ll probably put up several more images over the next few days, including some “whatsit” photos.