Blessings all around

Another update on the unemployed-reporters-seeking-jobs front: I just got word that one of my reporters was hired for a professional writer position at a local nonprofit agency (I had the immense privilege of serving as a reference for her this afternoon, and her new employer sounded very excited to get her). I also spoke with a fellow editor who said she had gotten her real estate license just days before the layoffs and had been planning to do that on the side for a few months and then get out of journalism altogether … so this just nudged her into her new adventure a little faster.

For those of you playing along at home, that means we now have 11 people accounted for (either employed, retired, or happily unemployed) and six still looking … and word on the street is that one of the six is very close to finding a new position.

Not bad, considering we aren’t even due to get our final paychecks from the World until next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I have almost found my way around the kitchen at the Rock: I’ve successfully folded two omelets without tearing them, I am now capable of cooking eggs over-medium without breaking the yolks, and I know how to make chicken-fried steak, jaegersnitzel, all the burgers (including alligator!) and most of the other sandwiches.

Oh, and on a personal note, I have now replaced Raffi as my nephew’s favorite recording artist. I read a bunch of children’s books onto a digital recorder several weeks ago and finally got them edited, burned to CD, and shipped to him the other day. My sister reports that Jamie woke up in the middle of the night and cried inconsolably until she let him listen to Aunt Emily again. Hee, hee!