I still have 19 things left on my to-do list, but I’ve done some things that weren’t on the list, too, so I haven’t been totally unproductive today.

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous — the high was supposed to be 60, but I think it exceeded that, because it’s 58 right now, and I know it was much warmer this afternoon. Ron fixed spaghetti carbonara for lunch, using a recipe he got out of this month’s Saveur magazine, and then we went up to St. Simeon’s to visit my friend Laurel, who is recuperating from a little adventure with her health. I pulled last year’s tomato stakes and spent vines out of the garden while Ron was cooking. It was nice to get out there and work in the garden for a little while. The garlic is looking healthy. I think we’ll have a good crop this year.

I also found time to make a flier promoting my Indie Tulsa site. I designed it to look sort of gritty and anti-Establishment:


Oh, yeah — Indie Tulsa has its own domain name now, too, as you see on the flier. I used GoDaddy.com, which let me have a domain name for $9 a year and had a pretty simple process for setting up a redirect. Hopefully the domain name will help in promoting the site.

I walked the dogs and cleaned the bathroom this evening. I actually jogged a few blocks with Scout and Jason, which was nice. Can’t believe how out of shape I’ve gotten in three months.

I’m working on a little present for Laurel’s birthday, which is next weekend. I’ll post all about it when I get it finished.

I’m going to zip over to the S&S in a few minutes to pick up some odds and ends and leave a few fliers, and then I’ll get to work on Laurel’s present, my mural, and a couple of other loose ends I’d like to tie up before this weekend is out.

Hope you had a beautiful, productive weekend, too.


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