I shot an hour in Red Fork …

… just to watch it die.

My to-do list still has, like, 20 items left on it. Most of them are 15-minute projects, and a lot of them are things like “spend 15 minutes on Trip Guide ads” or “spend 15 minutes working on mural,” because those projects are too big to think about doing all at once. But still … with so much on my plate, it’s probably ridiculous that I spent an hour bopping around online, Googling “Altoid tin crafts” because I didn’t want to throw away a perfectly good tin. And that’s in addition to the half-hour I spent on the phone after calling my mom to see if she had any good Altoid craft ideas. (For the record, by the time she picked up — which took exactly one ring — I had already forgotten the reason for the call and wound up spending most of the time talking about my nephew instead.)

Anyway, I did find some cute ideas for making fun gifts out of Altoid boxes. Suffice it to say that everybody on my Christmas list is probably going to get some schlocky presents made out of Altoid boxes this year.

If you’re killing time and trying to recycle, too, check out these links:

Thumb piano
Pinhole camera (Hat tip to Candyaddict.com for the first two ideas.)
Photo album
Elvis shrine (BTW, the site where I found this is AWESOME.)

Of course I am going to waste several hours making something fabulous out of my Altoids tin, which I found on the shelf above my desk while I was thinking about the possibility of cleaning said shelf. (Notice how I did not say I was actually cleaning the shelf. That’s because I picked up the tin to see if there was anything in it, fed the last two Altoids to Scout, and then got sidetracked making phone calls and surfing the Internet. Such is life for the Red Fork Hippie….)

Lest you think I accomplished nothing today: I went out and visited seven, count ’em, SEVEN independent businesses and took photos for my Indie Tulsa blog, wrote two reviews, and redesigned the Indie Tulsa header so it would be compatible with a template I wanted to use. Go check out my handiwork.

Oh, and I did some more work on the mural, which I will shoot and post sometime tomorrow today.


2 thoughts on “I shot an hour in Red Fork …”

  1. You’re welcome! Thanks for posting all those great Altoid tin craft ideas! If I had just a little more electronics skill, I’d build myself one of those handy-dandy iPod Shuffle chargers to take along on vacations and long runs.

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