It was warm today. I had a meeting after work, and one lady reported that her car thermometer was showing an outdoor temperature of 73 degrees, which sounds about right. The weather was nice enough that I could wear a skirt and open-toed heels to work, which was a pleasant change of pace after being bundled up for weeks on end.

I heard a rumor that some of the daffodils are coming up on the church lawn. I’ll have to look for them Sunday morning. I saw several flats of pansies blooming at a plant nursery I passed yesterday on Harvard, too. I’m still waiting for Grumpy’s Garden to get some plants in.

I would have gone outside to play today, except I had a meeting immediately after work and then went to dinner with a friend, and now I’m a bit wiped out. Hopefully the temperature will hold for a day or two so I can enjoy it. I’ve got a lot of commitments tomorrow, but my Thursday schedule looks a bit more open, so we’ll see how it goes.

I love a good midwinter thaw.

The mockingbird in our yard seemed to be enjoying it this morning, too. I saw it zipping around the front yard as I was leaving for work today. I’m waiting for the scissortails to return.

I haven’t run a step in weeks and weeks, but I’m thinking I might sign up for the Sweetheart Run this Saturday (just the 5K — I’m not up for a 10K right now) to have an excuse to be outside. I know it will probably freeze over again by Saturday, but the run is at Mohawk Park and would give me an excuse to see what sort of wildlife is out. I haven’t spent nearly enough time outside lately. I feel sort of out of the loop.

Eight days to pitchers’ and catchers’ camp!


Another day, another toy


I bought this gorgeous puppet for Jamie on my lunch hour Monday. It’s a chameleon, complete with eyes that bug out and move independently and a spandex tongue that you can flick in and out of its mouth. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the puppet — not including tail — is nearly as long as my forearm, and it’s got a long tail that curls up at the end and little mitteny-looking hands with weird pairs of toes like a real chameleon’s.

I bought it at Kiddlestix, which is a wicked cool mom-and-pop toy store that specializes in educational toys. I think the chameleon puppet — which is made out of baby-friendly twinkly green metallic fabric — is only slightly less cool than the peacock I got him a few weeks ago.

I’ll probably blog about Kiddlestix on Indie Tulsa in the next couple of days.

Oh — and lest you think I’m all talk and no action on that “shop independent” thing I’ve been yanging about: The stylin’ Route 66 futon cover you see under the chameleon’s pillow (and the futon that it’s covering!) came from Great Southern Bedrooms, and that white bag in the background is a 50-pound sack of Booster Feed Mill’s store-brand dog food.

I hope Jamie likes weird puppets, because he’s going to be well-blessed with them. I saw a cute otter today that I want to get for him at some point, and they had a huge display of fun little finger puppets, including a very fuzzy emu that Jamie obviously needs to own. I didn’t buy either today because I was trying to exercise something resembling restraint, but you can bet I’ll be back in there in a week or two, buying some other shiny object to indulge my magpie tendencies entertain my nephew….