Finished at last

I’m 10 days behind schedule with it, but I have finally finished the updated edition of Route 66 for Kids, along with the redesign of the corresponding Web site,

The Terms of Use page that you land on when you click the link to Route 66 for Kids is something I felt compelled to add after dealing with an individual who apparently has zero comprehension of copyright law. It’s disappointing to find out that people have to be told that it’s wrong to steal.

The “Scout’s Scrapbook” section of the site has not been redesigned yet, as I am still figuring out exactly how I want it to look and exactly how much time I think it’s worth to redo it. But the existing design is OK for the moment, and the important stuff (index, guidebook, coloring pages, links, etc.) has been redesigned for clarity and a more professional appearance. I think it looks pretty decent. And I am utterly thrilled to be finished with it at last.

Cross two more items off that to-do list. Twelve down, 10 to go … and I expect to knock out eight of the remaining projects tomorrow this evening. I’d hoped to plant crocus and tulips and build my little Lorax tribute in the backyard this weekend, but between the cold weather and a handful of commitments that are likely to eat up all the daylight hours, I think it’s probably best if I save that project for another weekend.

That’s enough. If I get to bed in the next two minutes, I can get five hours’ sleep before time to get up and get ready for church.