I haven’t accomplished much of a tangible nature in the past few days. I have a stack of projects I need to work on, but I seem to just collapse in a heap before I get to any of them. It’s turned cold again, which doesn’t exactly inspire me to crawl out of my warm bed if I don’t have to. Hopefully I’ll pull myself together and get some things done this weekend.

We went to the Circle Cinema this evening to see Venus.

My overall impression of the film was that I probably would have written it eventually if somebody else hadn’t, because it centers on a premise that has always fascinated me: the radical notion that two people separated by a generation or two might, in fact, have a few things to teach each other in spite of — or perhaps precisely because of — their differences. (I probably love this storyline so much because my circle of friends consists primarily of people 25 to 30 years my senior — although I should note, for the record, that none of them has attempted to take any liberties with me, as O’Toole’s character does to his young foil on several occasions in the film. The guys I hang out with have better sense, better morals, or — in most cases — both.)

O’Toole gave an excellent performance, as did his young costar, Jodie Whittaker. Go see it if you get the chance — especially if you have the option of seeing it at an artsy indie theater, as we did.

Six days to p/c camp….