So … we got up late this morning, but I managed to get my bedroom closet almost completely cleaned out; I’m just in the process of putting the “keepers” back in there now. I did pretty well. The closet looks a lot better and should be a lot easier to keep clean.

Here are three things I have learned in the process:

1. I am apparently incapable of eating anything without spilling it on my clothes, as evidenced by the pile of T-shirts that have now been relegated to the rag bag. (On the up side, I may never need to buy another paper towel.)

2. Pants do not grow when you put them back on the hanger and ignore them for six months instead of donating them to Goodwill when you figure out you can’t zip them without lying down. (For the record, this process will not remove weird smells from workout clothes, either.)

3. I am less materialistic than I used to be. I had boatloads of T-shirts that I never wore but couldn’t bear to part with for sentimental reasons. I ditched a ton of them today.

Gotta run. I have to finish repacking the closet, drop off some stuff at Goodwill, take some recyclables to the M.E.T. site on Sheridan, and pick up lumber for my shelf project.


One thought on “Progress”

  1. I just found your blog through your gardening posts and am enjoying reading your posts. I lived in Roswell, NM for 6 months and my husband and I have traveled in the Southwest several times and Route 66 is probably our favorite road in the country. We stayed in the El Rancho motel near Gallup, in the Kirk Douglas room! Whenever we travel out that way, we try to stay on 66, there’s such character still there. Thanks for the blog,

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