Here are some of the things I did on Sunday:

1. Rocked a toddler to sleep.
2. Harvested produce and pulled weeds from the garden.
3. Went shopping at Bass Pro Shop.
4. Learned how to change the oil in the truck. (Go me!)
5. Removed red ink stains from my new shirt and my old barn coat after Ron accidentally let a felt-tipped marker go through the dryer. (Go Shout stick and borax!)
5. Made a wallet out of a bandanna. It turned out really well and cost next to nothing to make. If you’re interested, I posted a tutorial on Craftster when I finished.

Ron did all the cooking today. He made an omelet and some sauteed portabellas for lunch, and then he fixed some eggplant for dinner tonight. It was great. He has a terrific recipe that involves mixing Parmesan cheese with mayonnaise, smearing it on slices of eggplant, and putting it under the broiler for a few minutes until it’s browned and crispy. I’ll have to get the exact recipe from him so I can post it here. This batch was particularly good, as he was using an heirloom variety of eggplant called Pingtung Long. The fruit is small and elongated with screaming electric purple skin and a very mild, almost buttery flavor. Awesome stuff.

My salsa turned out really well. I ate half a jar of it on chips when I got home from church. It came out kind of medium-spicy, with a nice flavor from the homegrown cayenne peppers and Cherokee Purple tomatoes I put in it.

I never did get around to running this weekend, but I can do it tomorrow on my lunch hour or after work or something. Five miles shouldn’t take too long.