Trivia contest

In my recent barrage of housecleaning and decluttering, I found some Route 66 items that are either duplicates of things I already have or are things I am tired of storing/displaying and would like to share with someone else.

In the interest of making sure these things go to good homes where they will be loved and appreciated, I am going to use them as prizes in Route 66 trivia contests.

Here’s the first contest. First person to post with all the correct answers wins a necklace (handmade by yours truly) with a pendant containing a piece of the road.

1. Where on Route 66 will you find a sign that says “Doofnac Xemi”?
2. Doofnac Xemi is an anagram for what?
3. I need a bottle of Yoo-Hoo, a package of Rit dye, a can of Strongheart dog food, a new jacket, a ham sandwich, and a flat of petunias. Where on Route 66 can I buy all these items in a single location?
4. How many patties are on the Big Okie at Hank’s Hamburgers?
5. It’s Thursday night. I’m sitting next to a bunch of steelworkers, eating free chicken wings in one of the oldest bars on Route 66. Where am I?

Good luck!


P.S.: Don’t forget: To prevent spammers from commandeering my blog, all posts are held in moderation, so if your answers don’t appear the minute you click “submit,” don’t resend the information. Your message will appear after I’ve approved it.

4 thoughts on “Trivia contest”

  1. i should have said … took us about an hour to go through all our photos to find the answer to the first one – daz had thought it was somewhere else
    and i had to ‘look up’ number 4… is that cheating ??? lol

  2. 1.The Westerner in Tucumcari, NM. I love their “things” sign.

    2. Mexican Food

    3. I was going to say Eisler Brothers in Riverton, but they can’t carry Yoo-Hoo…so, I’m gonna guess the reborn Wrinks in Lebanon, MO. That’s a hail Mary pass, though.

    4. four patties, all of ’em good

    5. Luna Cafe, Mitchell, IL

  3. Kathryn was quickest on the draw and had the right answers according to my records … but Ace’s Driver wins for precision. (I should have said “a tiny bottle of Coke” … Eisler Bros. used to carry Yoo-Hoo, but I don’t drink the nasty stuff, so I wouldn’t have noticed when they stopped.)

    Since I have five of these necklaces left, I will be sending packages to both Australia and Kansas this week, if Greg will be so kind as to e-mail me his address. 🙂

    Stay tuned … more contests coming soon!

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