New kitchen tool

We had 15 eggs in the refrigerator, so I got them out tonight and made a batch of these crustless quiche thingies that Ron likes. They’re very easy. You just mix a bunch of eggs with a little bit of water and stir it up like you would for an omelet, but instead of frying it, you put omelet fillings into muffin tins and then pour the eggs over them and bake at 375 for about a half-hour.

Unfortunately, eggs have a way of sticking to muffin tins, so cleanup is kind of a pain … or was until tonight, anyway.

A few weeks ago, Ron bought me a new silicone muffin pan. It had space for only six muffins, but we figured if it worked well, we’d get another one. They’re expensive enough (the model we have is about $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond) that Ron didn’t want to spring for a big one until we were sure I’d really use it.

I’ll use it. This batch turned out really well, and I had no difficulty getting the eggs to turn loose from the pan. Cleanup should be a snap (I’ll actually be able to use the dishwasher this time!)

It took nine eggs to fill six muffin cups. I boiled the other six to eat as quick snacks/lunches/whatever over the next few days.

I went to dinner at the Rock Cafe on Route 66 this evening. While the staff scrubbed down every inch of the restaurant — including all of the memorabilia hanging on the walls — in anticipation of an upcoming appearance on some Food Network show, the owner’s 4-year-old son bounced around the dining room in an Incredibles costume (complete with fake muscles and a cape), for reasons I will not even pretend to understand. I asked him what his superpower was. After some coaching from his sister, he informed me that he had “supersonic speed.”

It was pretty funny to watch his uninhibited little self jumping around in that costume, pretending to be a superhero. I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera….