Aug. 1 Daybook


For today…

Outside my window… darkness.
I am thinking… despite the backlog of work I’m trying to catch up on, life is very, very good.
From the classroom… I bought a used-car-lot-type pennant garland to hang from the ceiling. I’m going to write literary terms on it with a Sharpie so the kids will see them every day.
I am thankful for… my camera.
From the kitchen… a glass of V-8 juice and a handful of pita chips.
I am wearing… frayed jeans, brick-red toenail polish, and a Route 66 Quarter Marathon T-shirt.
I am reading… other people’s Facebook entries.
I am hoping… I get caught up on some of my projects tomorrow.
I am creating… a feature article about barbecue restaurants on Route 66 in Oklahoma.
I am praying… to know that I have the time and energy I need to accomplish everything on my list for the next couple of days.
Around the house… piles of projects and a bathroom that needs to be cleaned.
One of my favorite things… freezy pops. 
A few plans for the rest of the week… article, menu, maybe a trip to Illinois.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


Items received at the finish line this morning: orange Gatorade, coaster denoting my status as a “Double” finisher (back-to-back quarter marathon and 5K), Route 66 Quarter Marathon finisher’s medal. Can you guess which one I was the most excited about at the time?


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