Odds and ends (mostly odds)

I was going to post something intelligent and meaningful today, but I just don’t have the enthusiasm at the moment. Instead, I offer these musical highlights from my bizarro-world life:

1. My department chair and I are standing in the hall at school today, keeping an eye on the kiddie-poos to make sure they don’t kill each other between classes. Hip urban teenager (a boy, I might add) comes sauntering down the hall and into the department chair’s class just before the bell, singing — loudly, and with great feeling —


Dude … I so did not see that coming.

2. The kids in my fourth hour class are supposed to be making a video to teach other classes a vocabulary word. A pair of oh-so-avant-garde girls decided to set the definition to music. Their melody of choice?

The Time Warp. Complete with dance moves.

I swear to everything that’s holy I did not put them up to this.

3. I went to the Rock Cafe tonight for dinner. On the way home, I was listening to the radio, and someone called in to request “Here I Am.”

The DJ mentioned that she’d introduced Air Supply at a recent concert and that they were “just as wonderful as they ever were.”

Probably so … which is exactly why the Red Fork Hippie does not feel the need to attend Air Supply concerts.