Our new school year starts tomorrow morning. I think I have everything ready to go. Haven’t tested my PowerPoint presentation about the syllabus, but that’s a minor matter; if it doesn’t work, we can do without it. My two big priorities for this evening were hall-pass coupons (468 of ’em, printed 36 to a sheet and cut apart) and business cards (200 of ’em, printed 10 to a sheet and punched apart), which took way less time than you might imagine. 

All my activities are ready to go, all the instructions and objectives are written on the whiteboard, I figured out how to use our new gradebook software today (I think; we’ll see if I got the hang of it when I actually have to take attendance tomorrow), and the room is as thoroughly decorated as it’s going to get. Our tech theatre teacher loaned me a ladder so I could spend part of today hanging little cardboard road signs and shiny blue stars from the ceiling with monofilament, and my awesome new principal rattled enough cages to get somebody to come out and fix my air conditioner, which quit working sometime this summer and hadn’t been reliably operational in at least a month. Barring any unforeseen last-minute disasters, I think we should be in good shape tomorrow.

We have a football scrimmage Friday night. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope our team does well this year, and I really hope people come out and support the kids. I was pretty disappointed with the turnout for the games last year. I know we didn’t have the most successful team in town, but these are local kids, and they work hard, and they deserve to have somebody come and cheer them on.