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Not-So-Folk Thursday: Vince Guaraldi

This is totally not folk, but today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is:

“Winter and summer are two seasons that have songs clearly associated with the time period. But are there any songs that remind you of fall?”

Of course.

If you’re my age or younger, and you don’t associate fall with “Linus and Lucy,” I’m going to assume you had a lousy childhood.



November is traditionally National Blog Posting Month, but BlogHer offers the option of jumping on during any month. Two months into my Facebook boycott, I’m still not blogging as much as I’d intended, so I went ahead and signed up. I figured that’d keep me honest, and I might score a few new readers as well. My traffic went straight to hell with my posting habits, and efforts to bring it back have yielded less than stellar results.

The theme for this month, as assigned by BlogHer, is “CRUNCH.” Today’s prompt: “Tell us about your favourite autumnal sound.”

James Earl Jones’ voice has to be my favorite autumnal sound.

Stay with me.

I generally loathe fall. It’s the end of summer, the end of my garden and the end of baseball season. That’s basically the trifecta of suck.

I get through the long, painful slog between the World Series and the first day of spring training by watching baseball movies. I basically spend the entire winter watching baseball movies. And there is not a single baseball movie I love more than Field of Dreams, which I used to watch with my sophomore English students. I will never get tired of hearing James Earl Jones deliver that speech about baseball being the one constant. It sustains me.

When I can’t deal with one more minute of dismal weather, I break out my DVD collection and let Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones pull me through.

Baseball has marked the time.


Daybook for Jan. 9

Haven’t done one of these in ages. I don’t have a better idea tonight, so this will have to do:

For today…

Outside my window… cool January darkness.
I am thinking… that I ought to be working on an editing project right now.
I am thankful for… my new printer. After 10 years of hard use, the old one didn’t owe me anything, but it had gotten awfully slow, so instead of replacing the toner last night, I replaced the entire printer. The new one is much faster.
From the kitchen… grilled salmon and a sprout salad.
I am wearing… jeans and a black shirt.
I am reading… part of Zaphod’s dissertation.
I am hoping… that Joan Baez will be close enough to Tulsa for me to go see her in concert sometime this year.
I am creating… a lot of daydreams that might manifest themselves in the form of mixed-media paintings sometime in the not-too-distant future.
I am praying… to remember how blessed I am. Sometimes I forget.
Around the house… sleepy dogs and a mischievous cat.
One of my favorite things… the Phoenix Cafe. It isn’t quite Makanda, but it feels almost as comfortable.
few plans for the rest of the week… run a few errands and catch up on a few projects at work tomorrow; relax and enjoy a guitar lesson and a visit with Zaphod tomorrow evening.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


Clearly, somebody’s marketing department gets me….


Daybook for Aug. 8

For today…

Outside my window… a humid evening.
I am thinking… that I would rather be watching a baseball game right now.
I am thankful for… the improvements in vegetarian convenience food over the past 20 years.
From the kitchen… five-layer Mexican dip with chips, refried pintos, salsa, vegan cheddar, and guacamole.
I am wearing… jeans from Drysdales and a Tulsa Drillers T-shirt with Willin Rosario’s number on the back.
I am reading… nothing at the moment, but I’m about to start Chasing the Rising Sun, which is about the history of the song “The House of the Rising Sun.”
I am hoping… that whatever Songdog is eating at the moment did not come out of Walter’s litterbox.
I am creating… ads for work.
I am praying… to know that as a reflection of divine Mind, I never lack inspiration or ideas.
Around the house… peace and quiet.
One of my favorite things… Clif Bars. I practically live on those when I’m busy. Bonus that I can buy them for a dollar each from the vending machine at work.
few plans for the rest of the week… design some ads; work on stories for the Southwest Tulsa Bell; catch up with a friend while giving a Route 66 tour in the Dreamcar.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


This was part of the aftermath of the wildfire near Luther. The ash under those charred trees looked like snow.


Daybook for Aug. 3

Yep, I’m out of ideas again.

For today…

Outside my window… the faint smell of smoke drifting in from the fires in Creek County and Oklahoma County.
I am thinking… about the people in Luther who lost their homes to a mindless act of cruelty.
I am thankful for… my former students, who still find ways to make me smile.
From the kitchen… frozen bananas pureed with chocolate sauce.
I am wearing… jeans from Drysdales and a T-shirt from Makanda, Ill., that says, “Take a Trip on the Boardwalk.”
I am reading… nothing at the moment, but I just finished Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.
I am hoping… we will see some rain soon.
I am creating… a fictional town full of (hopefully) interesting characters.
I am praying… to express more patience and love as an antidote to the hatred I see around me.
Around the house… three very excited animals. Ron is handing out dog biscuits. Both dogs and the cat are eagerly awaiting their evening cookies.
One of my favorite things… Coldwater, N.M., home of the historic Tumbleweed Motel. Coldwater isn’t a real town, but I’m having a lot of fun imagining it onto the page and populating it with people who don’t technically exist.
few plans for the rest of the week… help Susie set up for a wedding reception; have Audra, my awesome stylist, henna my hair; work on stories for the Southwest Tulsa Bell; start weaving new material into novel.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Jamie drew a picture of Batman on my car while I was in Herrin a couple of weeks ago.
My sweet nephews decorated the Dreamcar for me.

I remain forever grateful to the students who suggested I let them write on my car, thus inspiring the hatchback chalkboard that has brought so much joy into my life.


Munchkin Tuesday: Judy Collins on Sesame Street

Don’t even try to act like you didn’t see this one coming.

I wish somebody would post the clip of her singing “This Is a Song Without a Reason,” which is what I was trying to find when I stumbled across this video. I don’t remember this song at all, though I’m sure I must have seen it.

Is anybody else surprised these lyrics passed muster for a children’s show?


Neil Diamond Impersonator Monday: Mark Thomas

This guy actually sounds pretty good, although the real Neil Diamond would never be able to hit that low note in “Sweet Caroline” so smoothly.

Speaking of which, they forgot to play that at the Drillers game tonight. No wonder we lost. (Yeeeeeeeah … that’s why we lost. Pay no attention to our four errors — two by mah-boy Arenado — or the Springfield Cardinals’ second baseman, whose defensive talents remind me of a certain Hall of Fame shortstop who used to turn backflips at Busch Stadium when I was a kid.)


Daybook for July 4

For today…

Outside my window… neighbors popping fireworks.
I am thinking… about the novel I should be editing.
I am thankful for… the rain we got yesterday in midtown.
From the kitchen… vegan pasta salad.
I am wearing… jeans from Drysdales, Birkenstocks, and a Drillers tank top.
I am reading… Naked Lunch.
I am hoping… to shake free for a visit to Illinois in the not-too-distant future.
I am creating… a very special painting, the details of which I will reveal only after it is finished.
I am praying… to maintain a sense of harmony.
Around the house… a lot of clutter.
One of my favorite things… Oreos. Which, as it turns out, are entirely vegan. I consider this proof that God loves me and approves of my diet.
few plans for the rest of the week… work on novel, finish painting, catch up on church Twitter and Facebook accounts, indulge creative outburst that seems to be brewing quietly in the background.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Instagram of a fireworks stand on Route 66 just east of Bristow.

I love driving along Route 66 and seeing little fireworks stands illuminated by strings of lightbulbs.