July 31 Daybook


For today…

Outside my window… green grass and bright blue skies.
I am thinking… today is going to be busy.
From the classroom… I finished the chart I’m making for the kids to track their grades.
I am thankful for… an insight I had during last night’s Aerosmith concert.
From the kitchen… nothing yet.
I am wearing… jeans and a tie-dyed T-shirt.
I am readingThe Verse by the Side of the Road by Frank Rowsome Jr.
I am hoping… I run fast enough to complete the double tomorrow (a quarter-marathon followed by a 5K … but there’s a tight time limit on the quarter, which I didn’t realize when I signed up).
I am creating… a pretest for my students to take on the second day of school.
I am praying… to express more confidence in my work.
Around the house… several chores that need to be dealt with today.
One of my favorite things… doughnuts. (I wish I had one at the moment.)
A few plans for the rest of the week… menu, Reading Room shift, quarter-marathon.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


Word part Scrabble — a (hopefully) fun way for the kids to learn Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes. I think the key to game-as-learning-experience is not to give them too much information — rather than having them memorize a list of word parts, I’m going to ask them to define the words they’re creating from the various parts, then use that knowledge to figure out what the individual pieces mean.


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