Aug. 5 Daybook


For today…

Outside my window… a quiet morning.
I am thinking… it’s been a long time since we went to Tahlequah.
From the classroom… shopping for party lights and a couple of other odds and ends.
I am thankful for… my job.
From the kitchen… nothing yet.
I am wearing… jeans, Crocs and a Woodstock T-shirt.
I am’s list of Oklahoma attractions to see where we can go today.
I am hoping… that my latest classroom idea works.
I am creating… a fun space for learning.
I am praying… to remember that others’ fears aren’t my own.
Around the house… a mischievous kitten and a husband who isn’t doing a very convincing job of sounding mad.
One of my favorite things… my car.
A few plans for the rest of the week… trip to Tahlequah this afternoon, classroom photos tomorrow, finishing up some projects later this week.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…


I made this chart for the kids to track their “mileage” (grades) this semester. It’s sort of a parody of this old postcard:


I thought it turned out kind of cute. I needed a map of Route 66 for the kids to use in tracking their “mileage,” or points earned. Basically, we’re taking an imaginary journey down Route 66, and the kids can earn one mile per point, with a total of 2,448 miles available for the semester, corresponding to the length of the road. Kind of gimmicky, but I think it will be a fun way for them to keep track of their grades.

On a completely unrelated note: I love you, Bill.