This is why I have to put up pickles this evening:



To give you a sense of scale, that’s an 18-oz. box of cereal. The cucumbers are a variety called Yard Long. I’m pulling two or three of these things off the vines every day … and I only planted one hill of them, because Ron doesn’t like cucumbers! I’ve taken them to work, given them to friends, fed them to the chickens, shared them with Scout, made refrigerator pickles, and tonight, I’m planning to can pickles for winter. Crazy. I will obviously be saving seeds off of this plant….


5 thoughts on “Cucumbers”

  1. I can’t tell from the picture, but what color are the little spines on them? If they’re white, they’re a table cucumber and work best fresh. Black spines are found on pickling cucumbers, and they hold up better to vinegar and brine, staying crispier even after cold-packing. You can still pickle a table cuke, but it will probably go soft on you and turn mushy with age. Fried cucumbers are wonderful inventions. I think I actually prefer them to just about any other fried veggie. It’s a good way to use up cukes that get overlooked on the vine long enough to have their seeds toughen. You can just split the cuke lengthwise, scoop out and discard the seed chamber, slice, batter and fry them up. Be sure to drain them on paper towels so they won’t be too greasy. I bet Jamie would like them–but probably not as much as he likes fried green tomatoes.

  2. The spines are white, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that they’re a multipurpose cucumber, so we’ll see how they do. I have to do something with them before they spoil — I’ve already fed five or six of these monsters to the chickens this year because I couldn’t eat them, and I have to say, the hens seem to be getting a little tired of them.

    In any case, if they turn out mushy, I can always rescue them with a baggie of flour and a pan of hot grease. Fried cucumbers are nice, but fried pickles have more flavor. 🙂

  3. hi i just wanted to say howdy from the rock cafe
    im gettin lots o mators from my plant

    hope to see you soon
    love the welchs from the rock cafe and of course the staff

  4. I’ve had fried pickles. But never fried cucumbers. Hmmmm…

    So far only one of my cucumber plants is giving us cucumbers. Not like yours, though. Yours are really big!

    I understand why you are keeping the seeds from that plant.

  5. Dawn: Will any of those tomatoes be going into a batch of tabouli?

    Depending on how many pages we have this week, I may putter over to Stroud this evening. If I wind up with a big section, I guess I’ll see y’all this weekend. 🙂

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