2 thoughts on “Folk Thursday”

  1. Hey Emily…you made me cry….i just found this today, but it was the same feeling I had on Thrusday night…hope, hope, hope…and gratitude!

    I wonder if Kirsten is right…folk music was such a aprt of my grwoing up with a dad who was a dyed in the wool socialist…I am so proud to be his daughter and to have this legacy of social responsibility through music. My husband’s company provides artist management for folk musicians. He spent the month of November at a large Folk Alliance conference with over 800 participants, touring with one of his clients, and meeting with others in the industry…he came home even more committed than ever to the connection between folk music and socio/political/environmental/global transformation…and is in the process of estabilshing a “village” for helping bring folk music to the hearts of those committed to social justice and activism.

    I wonder…if Kirsten is right…it’s time we all start singing…these songs cannot be lost…they are the shoulders on which the messages of new folk singer/songwriters will stand and be heard.

    I am grateful for your fellowship in this hunger for “something blowin in the wind”…

    love, Kaqte

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