Orion (and a good Fit)


I was just posting something to Craftster about the cute little seatcover I’d made for my new car when I heard my inbox go “ping!” to let me know I’d received a comment on my blog.

A couple of years ago, I made reference to a pretty little eco-conscious folk song I’d learned in sixth grade. That passing reference to that song has gotten more attention than anything else I’ve ever posted. Evidently an entire generation is Googling its fingers to the bone in search of a fond music-class memory … and rightly so. It’s a great song, which is why I was so thrilled to receive this comment tonight from one Jim Zimmerman:

I’m the writer of the song “Orion”, and I’m so excited that all of your remember it so fondly from so long ago. If you’re interested in “the real thing” as to how the song goes, email me at jkzim@verizon.net.

That would be cool all by itself. But it gets better:

“Orion” was one of several bits and pieces of pop culture that helped get me excited about protecting the environment … and my concern for the environment is the main reason I traded the Starlight Express for a 2008 Honda Fit instead of a 1965 Karmann Ghia … so while I was Photoshopping pictures of my fuel-efficient new toy, one of the people who inspired me to think about things like fuel economy was using my blog to connect with the fans who grew up humming his song and becoming maybe just a little more socially conscious in the process. How weird is that?

Now … since I got a Fit instead of a Ghia, I had to do something to make it worthy of my favorite highway … so yesterday, I pimped my new ride with a set of Route 66 floormats I bought at a souvenir shop:


And this evening, I worked up the nerve to create a pattern and design my own Route 66 seatcover to match:


And here’s a picture of the car itself, in case anybody is curious:


I haven’t chosen a name for it yet. But “Orion” is definitely on the short list….


UPDATE: The song “Orion” is now available online for your listening enjoyment. Click here for info.