10 on Tuesday: Predictions

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is “10 Predictions for the New Year.”

I think what makes my life so much fun is the fact that it is so very UNpredictable. But I think these are likely:

1. We’ll set up several new beehives.
2. The solar panels will continue to perform well.
3. The Trip Guide will go more smoothly than it has in previous years.
4. Partly because I’ll finally get my office organized in a more efficient manner.
5. I’ll buy Jamie several adorable things that he probably doesn’t need.
6. I’ll finally get Kathryn’s presents boxed up and shipped to Australia.
7. I’ll finish reading that stack of Journals in the living room.
8. I’ll spend a lot of hours on Route 66 projects.
9. I’ll make a few sock monkeys.
10. I’ll continue to grow spiritually.