Of big burgers and Superfund sites

I accomplished virtually nothing yesterday, but today, I feel an extremely productive evening coming on.

I ought to be productive. Heaven knows I’ve got enough fuel in my system.

Just for fun, I let my teacher (who is a major Honda fanboy enthusiast) drive my new Fit to Hank’s Hamburgers for lunch. I tried to talk him into splitting a Big Okie with me, but he likes a lower meat-to-bread ratio on his burgers, so he opted for the quarter-pound cheeseburger instead. Exercising my usual level of restraint, I went ahead and ordered the Big Okie — with cheese and bacon, of course — and porked down all but one bite of the one-pound behemoth myself. (I couldn’t let Brad leave Hank’s without trying at least a bite of their signature sandwich!)

On the way back to his office, we took the newer alignment of 66, where I lapsed into compulsive-tour-guide mode. I think it cracked him up to see me showing off all the little details of the road and pointing out all the places I loved (including at least one that isn’t there any more).

While I was busy enjoying my giant burger and giving Brad a guided tour of Route 66 in east Tulsa, things were apparently hopping over here on the blog: My hits reached a record high today after the folks at Mental Floss posted a riff about Superfund sites that included a link to a picture I’d shot of an old sign in Picher. (Thanks for the traffic, guys!)

Speaking of blogs, I need to update House of the Lifted Lorax and add a bio for a new writer on Route66food.com. I also need to read the latest Sentinel, feed the woodstove, make a phone call, design better seatcovers for the front seats of my car, clean the kitchen, clean the living room, clean my office, record two more books for Jamie, read the Lesson, organize my file cabinet, organize some files on my computer, stuff some sock monkeys, and work on a crazy jeans-painting project I came up with the other day. We’ll see how much of that I get done this evening….