Busy weekend

I can’t say I’ve accomplished a whole lot this weekend, but I’ve certainly done a good job of spinning my wheels and looking busy.

My seatcover needed more work, but my sewing machine wasn’t cooperating, so I gave up and went to Jo-Ann Fabrics this afternoon and bought a new Singer Inspiration. It’s a low-end model that seems rather flimsy, but considering the fact that most of my sewing projects involve either socks or bandannas, I think it will serve my purposes just fine.

I still haven’t fixed the seatcover, but while I was at Jo-Ann, I picked up a kit to make a “Cars” tied fleece throw blanket, which I turned into a cover for the back seat, and then I test-drove my new sewing machine by making a little pillow with a “Cars” cover. I wanted stuff with the Sheriff or maybe Fillmore on it, but they didn’t have anything, so I settled for Lightning McQueen instead. Jamie will approve, anyhow — the blanket and pillowcase are both red, which is his favorite color — and it looks fine with the Route 66 floormats.

Meanwhile, my friend Vicki will be proud of me for making at least some semblance of an attempt to keep the upholstery clean. I think I traumatized the poor girl when I drove her to lunch in my old car at a moment when it was especially filthy. She was gracious about it, but she also went out of her way to offer to drive the next time we went out, and the first thing out of her mouth when she saw my car today at church was, “You’re going to keep this one clean, aren’t you?”

Bless her heart … she’s such an optimist. 😉