Earth Day!

Normally, I’d do something special to mark Earth Day, but I was tied up with an Oklahoma Route 66 Association poker run and meeting all day.

Before I go to bed, I will, however, honor my annual tradition of checking my environmental footprint and taking a peek at 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth to see how I’m doing and where else I can make changes to reduce my impact on the environment. If I come up with any good ideas, I’ll post them here. One thing I might do is tuck a new recycling bin into the corner of my kitchen to hold steel cans. Our curbside program won’t take them, but M.E.T. will, and we use a lot of canned goods, so we really need to start recycling them again. When we lived in Belleville, IL, we always saved steel cans and took them over to the recycling center in Fairview Heights, but it wasn’t until very recently that I found out where to recycle them here in Tulsa.

If you haven’t already, find something good to do for the environment this week. Given the current price of gas, you might start by checking the air pressure in your car’s tires. Improperly inflated tires will really drag down your gas mileage.