Garden update

Here’s the latest from the garden:


Sage is blooming. I planted this last year, and it came back this year. It’s really doing well.


Tomatoes are in the ground. The one in the foreground is a Brandywine. Notice the potato-type leaves on this venerable old heirloom.


The cilantro I planted in hanging baskets on the pergola is up and looking healthy.


I planted petunias in some of the hanging baskets.

The cardinal climber and convolvulus are starting to come up, too, although the pictures of them weren’t really exciting enough to bother posting. I’ll wait until they get a little bigger.

I hope my beans and cucumbers start coming up pretty soon. We really need some rain to get things going, but we haven’t had any lately.

I bought a motel chair today in Sapulpa. I walked past an antique store on my way back to the car after interviewing a guy about a new restaurant, and the chair was sitting out in front with a price tag on it. I asked if I could pay for it today and pick it up later, after I get the Starlight Express back. The lady said that was fine. I’m going to sand it down and then paint it to look like the chairs in front of the Boots Motel on Route 66 in Carthage, Mo. It will be nice to have on the deck.