Trout Fishing in Oklahoma

Coleman Theatre Beautiful

Sorry today’s post is so late. Ron and I went over to Miami this evening to catch a Trout Fishing in America concert at the Coleman Theatre Beautiful on Route 66. It was a general admission show, and somehow, despite showing up about five minutes before the show was supposed to start, we managed to score front-row seats. (I seem to have good luck at folk concerts lately….) Cameras were allowed, so Ron ran out to the car and got mine for me.

I posted pictures and a full report over at Ron’s blog.

Meanwhile, back in Red Fork …


One of my hostas is coming up next to the pond. Hopefully I can plant something over there to shade it before the sun gets too intense. When I planted last year, we still had the boxelder shading the pond. Now it gets full sun. We’re starting to get problems with filamentous algae; as soon as the last frost date is past, I’m going to do a partial water change and cover the entire surface of the water with hyacinths.


The girls apparently kicked a lazy drone out of the hive today. I saw this guy crawling around on the ground in front of the hive. I watch our workers a lot, and I once saw a queen in her little wire-and-wood cage before we installed her in a new hive, but I’ve never seen a drone before.

False garlic

The false garlic is taking over the yard. You can’t believe how much of this stuff we’ve got growing in the back yard. I don’t mind. I think it’s pretty. And if you look closely, you’ll see that little pollinators apparently like it.

Ground Ivy

Our next-door neighbor has a profusion of ground ivy growing between his house and our driveway, just under his flowering almond bush. It’s putting out tons of gorgeous little blue blossoms.

Hope your day was good.