Awwwww …

As I was coming out of church tonight, I could hear all these little frogs singing in the distance. I am SO glad it finally rained enough and got warm enough for the frogs to come out and sing to me. (OK, OK, so they’re just singing to each other … but I love to listen in.)

I spent part of my evening helping Ron wrestle hay bales from the driveway to the area behind the back fence. Ron cut down all the trash-tree saplings and catbrier vines, painted them with stump killer, and covered the area behind the fence with mulch cloth the other day. We put 29 hay bales on top of the mulch cloth today. We are going to saturate them with water and plant tomatoes and watermelons and eggplant and stuff in them. I’m planning to buy 16 different kinds of tomatoes — two of each kind — so we’ll plant half of them in the hay and half in the garden and see which works better. I read somewhere that New Yorkers grow tomatoes in bales of hay on rooftops because they don’t have any land for gardening, and it works just fine. We’ll see.