Longtime readers know what the title of this post means. I’ll explain it to the rest of y’all in a minute.

In the past two hours, I have changed Gertie’s litter; cleaned Hedwig’s cage; scooped out Walter’s litterbox; changed Pongo’s water; scrubbed the shower; decluttered the bathroom cabinet; replaced the bolts on the toilet seat; bleached the tea stains out of every drinking glass Ron has ever used (in other words, every plastic cup and Mason jar in the house); washed a load of delicates; sterilized all the canning jars I could cram into the dishwasher; cleared the counters; cleared the table; cleaned the stovetop; put the dogs out; taken out the trash; and checked my e-mail, all in an attempt to clear my to-do list so I can dive into my favorite summer tradition:


The bad news is that half our tomato plants died while I was in Atlanta. The good news is that I harvested a grocery bag full of ripe fruit off the withered vines … which means that a couple of hours hence, I will be listening to the satisfying plink of canning-jar lids sealing themselves as the jars cool down.

I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled Folk Thursday as soon as I finish. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Plink!”

  1. Wow, what happened to your tomato plants? Ours are finally setting fruit and still blooming crazily. The cucumber plants are keeping us in brined slices, but there won’t be any for making pickles. Next year all I’m putting out is cucumbers and tomatoes, maybe some potatoes and sweet potatoes. Nothing else does very well here for some reason.

  2. I’m pretty sure I know what happened to my tomato plants, but somebody snapped at me the last time I mentioned it, so I am just going to note, for the record, that tomato plants do not take seasonal rainfall totals into consideration before they decide to die of dehydration, no matter how many times your SIU ag professor might have tried to tell you that they do.

  3. Oh I totally know the plink sound. I spent many a Saturday canning with my mother. She used to get pretty excited at the first one.

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