Honey do



What a weekend. In addition to mapping out my plans for the coming school year and writing detailed lesson plans for the first couple of weeks of school, I have: designed a set of tiles to teach subject-verb agreement; made a craft-store run; delivered some software to a friend in Stroud; inspected five beehives; harvested, extracted, filtered, and packaged honey (eight frames, which translates to about 25 one-pound jars); begun firing the ceramic paint on the subject-verb tiles (half of them are in the oven now, where they will remain for the next 35 minutes); and started the process of rendering the beeswax from the cappings I sliced off the honeycomb we harvested today.


Here are the tiles before I fired them. At the moment, half of them have been fired and are cooling on the kitchen floor; the other half are still in the oven, where the ceramic paint I used to write the words is baking on, which supposedly will make it dishwasher-safe. I hope the baking process makes it sophomore-resistant, too….

Here’s a gratuitous photo of Walter sleeping on my lap a couple of weeks ago:


We also had a nice dinner this evening: KFC biscuits with honey, followed by a trip to the awesome taco truck at 11th and Lewis. If you happen to live in Tulsa, and you haven’t been over there yet, you really must try it. The lengua tacos are fantastic, and Ron got a carne asada quesadilla this evening that was maybe the best either of us has ever had. 

I think we’re going to download The Natural to the Roku and watch it in a few minutes. If I felt less lazy at the moment, I’d make kettle corn, but my kitchen is sticky enough as it is, so I think I’ll just settle for microwave popcorn and a Pickle Sickle.

Hope you had a good weekend, wherever you are.