Walking in Memphis

I’m blogging from Memphis, where a group of my colleagues and I stopped for the night on our way to Atlanta for a schools conference.

Memphis is a vibrant city, but the real highlight of my day wasn’t the 15-year-old blues prodigy I saw at B.B. King’s or the barbecue I ate at Neely’s. As is so often the case, the best moment came in the form of a small kindness.

On the way down here, I fell asleep in the van. Our dean of students, who was sitting behind me, noticed I was in an awkward position, so to keep me from waking up sore, she quietly wedged a small pillow between my neck and shoulder. A simple thing, to be sure, but it was a very sweet, thoughtful gesture, and I really appreciated it.

Hope your Saturday included at least one small act of kindness.