Vegan Friday: Too lazy to experiment


Y’all, I’m tired. Long week. Lotta crap to keep up with. Long day scheduled for tomorrow. I didn’t try any new vegan recipes this week. I just made a batch of black bean chili tonight for dinner, added some leftover Boca crumbles I had in the freezer to give it extra protein, and diced up some avocado on top when it was done cooking. If you haven’t tried my chili recipe yet, you really should. It’s quick and nutritious and nice to warm you up on a cool evening.

I saw a picture of an ice-cream sandwich somewhere the other day and have been craving them ever since, so instead of a recipe tonight, you’re getting a product endorsement: Tofutti Cuties.

At a little over $4 a box, Tofutti Cuties are rather pricey, but you seriously cannot distinguish them from regular ice-cream sandwiches, and if you’re going full-time vegan, they’re about the best thing you’ll find to take the edge off a craving. At 130 calories a pop, they’re not horribly fattening, either. Just, y’know, don’t eat the entire box at once.

And lest you feel cheated: Assuming I get a hand free tomorrow, I’m planning to post instructions for canning salsa — which is completely vegan — as this week’s Eco-Saturday offering.

I really want to post my adventures in soapmaking, but I’m waiting until it finishes saponifying so I can vouch for the finished product before I go bragging on it. It certainly looked and smelled nice when I unmolded it and cut it into bars, and it was a much easier project than I anticipated.

I’m confident enough in the recipe that I’ll probably start another batch this weekend to hand out at Christmas. Might even do a Christmasy scent if I can rustle up some pine essential oil. We’ll see.


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