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Coming attractions

I don’t have anything particularly exciting to share today, but I thought I’d offer a quick preview of coming attractions. I have several projects planned for the coming weeks — some for fun, some for profit, and some just because they need to be done.

On my to-do list in the not-too-distant future:

* Make-It Monday posts on an inexpensive DIY speaker set; an improvement to my credenza; another mural project or two; and (God willing) a complete replacement of my poorly installed kitchen floor.

* Tiny Tuesday posts on small-space Christmas decorations; multipurpose appliances; rethinking the dresser; and an interior-design trick that visually increases the space and light in a room.

* Vegetarian Friday posts on fruitcake; quinoa salad; stocking a vegetarian pantry; and controlling costs on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

* Eco-Saturday posts on refrigerator maintenance; conducting your own low-tech energy audit; and a new-and-improved quail pen.

I’ll also work up a list of New Year’s resolutions relevant to my long-term goals (at least one of which is already on that to-do list above), and I’m sure I’ll have a few photos to share as we travel to visit family for Christmas.

Stay tuned.