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Coming attractions

I don’t have anything particularly exciting to share today, but I thought I’d offer a quick preview of coming attractions. I have several projects planned for the coming weeks — some for fun, some for profit, and some just because they need to be done.

On my to-do list in the not-too-distant future:

* Make-It Monday posts on an inexpensive DIY speaker set; an improvement to my credenza; another mural project or two; and (God willing) a complete replacement of my poorly installed kitchen floor.

* Tiny Tuesday posts on small-space Christmas decorations; multipurpose appliances; rethinking the dresser; and an interior-design trick that visually increases the space and light in a room.

* Vegetarian Friday posts on fruitcake; quinoa salad; stocking a vegetarian pantry; and controlling costs on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

* Eco-Saturday posts on refrigerator maintenance; conducting your own low-tech energy audit; and a new-and-improved quail pen.

I’ll also work up a list of New Year’s resolutions relevant to my long-term goals (at least one of which is already on that to-do list above), and I’m sure I’ll have a few photos to share as we travel to visit family for Christmas.

Stay tuned.


Marshmallow world

Wow. Where on earth has this summer gone? Seems like I was just waiting for the crocus to come up a minute ago, and now I’m listening to walnuts bounce off the roof, with way too little blogging in between.

I can’t say I’ve accomplished as much as I’d have liked this summer, but I’m really proud of my now-mostly-complete interior-decorating projects. (Mostly, but not entirely, complete because one of the legs on my new Marshmallow sofa knockoff is wonky, and we bought it online, so there are some logistical issues involved in getting that sorted out.)

Wonky leg or not, this is a pretty great-looking sofa. Hope we can get it straightened out.
Wonky leg or not, this is a pretty great-looking sofa. Hope we can get it straightened out.

Sofa situation aside, I’m really happy with the living room — especially this faux-mid-century credenza I fashioned from a set of cheap storage cubes and some hardware-store legs:

Songdog can't resist a photobomb.
Songdog can’t resist a photobomb.

With my big projects mostly behind me, I’m hoping to get back to blogging like I mean it this fall.

To that end, I’m rolling out a couple of new features and have mapped out most of the topics I intend to write about through the end of the year. Here’s a quick preview of the new features and coming attractions:

• Sunday self-care: A new feature basically addressing whatever I’m doing to feed my soul, maintain my sanity, or take better care of myself in general.

• Make-it Monday: Kind of a hodgepodge of DIY projects, artwork, gardening, or whatever else I’ve got going. Coming soon: a safety feature I added to the back steps, a new flowerbed, a quick cleaning tip, and a headlight-restoration attempt.

• Tiny Tuesday: As longtime readers know, my long-term goal is to build a tiny, off-grid house in New Mexico. To that end, I’ve been using our 690-square-foot bungalow as a sort of test lab for space-saving ideas. I’ll share one with you every Tuesday.

• Wednesdays will be sort of a wild-card day, when I post whatever is on my mind. This will vary from week to week, but tentative ideas include a bit of shameless self-promotion, some ephemera from long ago, and a review of a terrific microbrewery in rural Southern Illinois.

• Folk Thursday: Upcoming artists will include Simon and Garfunkel, Woody Guthrie, Dave Van Ronk and Phil Ochs.

• Vegetarian Friday: The next few weeks will bring you cheese-stuffed mushrooms, pasta e lenticche, frozen fruit pops, homemade kettle corn and instructions for making and freezing your own vegetable stock.

• Eco-Saturday: We’re going to take down a fruit-fly infestation, experiment with leafcutter bees, install a water-heater blanket and discuss the ecological and financial advantages of old-fashioned safety razors.

Stay tuned, subscribe if you haven’t already, and don’t forget to like my author page on Facebook, where I post pictures, stories and bits of information that don’t always find their way onto the blog.