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Longtime readers of this blog will recall that I published my first novel, Greetings from Coldwater, in 2015. At this writing (March 2020), I am working on a second novel, also set in Coldwater. The new one could be considered a sequel, in the sense that much of it takes place several years after the events of Greetings from Coldwater and involves many of the same characters. It could also be considered a prequel, in the sense that a big chunk of it takes place many, many years before the events of Greetings from Coldwater and involves some of the same characters. This new work will stand on its own, however, so readers who are visiting Coldwater for the first time should have no trouble following the plot.

I am nowhere close to being finished with this as-yet-untitled novel, but I am posting the first draft here, one chapter at a time, for the benefit of readers who are living under shelter-in-place orders while the world waits for the coronavirus pandemic to pass. My intention is to post a chapter a day until life returns to something resembling normal or I run out of chapters, whichever comes first. Be advised: This is a work in progress. I will almost certainly add, delete, and rearrange chapters in future drafts, so don’t be shocked if the final draft bears little to no resemblance to what you read here.

Below are links to the chapters I’ve posted, in order, to make them easier to follow amid the other updates I’ve been posting. I’ll try to update this page on a regular enough basis to keep you from getting too hopelessly lost.

Prologue, part 1
Prologue, part 2
Chapter 1: A Seed Is Planted
Chapter 2: Disappointment
Chapter 3: Bad Omen
Chapter 4: Inheritance
Chapter 5: End of an Era
Chapter 6: Fresh Kill
Chapter 7: Dear Holly
Chapter 8: Telling the Bees
Chapter 9: Apis Mellifera
Chapter 10: Back to School
Chapter 11: Dr. Kavanaugh
Chapter 12: Charlie Brown Christmas
Chapter 13: School’s Out
Chapter 14: Rescued
Chapter 15: Recovery
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Ally
Chapter 17: Warning
Chapter 18: Advice
Chapter 19: Voice of Experience
Chapter 20: More Advice
Chapter 21: Visitor from the Past
Chapter 22: Genealogy
Chapter 23: La Llorona
Chapter 24: Psychopomp
Chapter 25: Back Home
Chapter 26: Strange Dreams
Chapter 27: Quoth the Raven
Chapter 28: Kelpie
Chapter 29: The Morrigan
Chapter 30: Battle Queen
Chapter 31: Foe from the Past
Chapter 32: Safety
Chapter 33: The Observer
Chapter 34: Vigil
Chapter 35: Otherworld
Chapter 36: Possibilities
Chapter 37: Summoning Darkness
Chapter 38: Debriefing
Chapter 39: Witness
Chapter 40: Threat
Chapter 41: May the Force Be With You
Chapter 42: Training
Chapter 43: Anticipation
Chapter 44: Comfort Food
Chapter 45: Confession
Chapter 46: Confrontation
Chapter 47: Guest
Chapter48: Folk Hero
Chapter49: Think of the Children
Chapter 50: Dragon
Chapter 51: Deiseal
Chapter 52: Old Friend
Chapter 53: Soon
Chapter 54: Oweynagat
Chapter 55: Returned
Chapter 56: Tremors
Chapter 57: Revelation
Chapter 58: Practice
Chapter 59: Punishment
Chapter 60: Queen Bee
Chapter 61: Missing Person
Chapter 62: The Search
Chapter 63: Summoned
Chapter 64: Mama Knows Best
Chapter 65: Kill It With Fire
Chapter 66: Fi(o)n(n)


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