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Homecoming parade

We had our homecoming parade this evening. It was getting dark, so I didn’t get the world’s greatest pictures, but I managed to pop a few shots of the kids having a good time.

Here are our Warrior Chief and Miss Daniel Webster (what we call the homecoming king and queen). The queen is one of the sweetest, brightest, and most relentlessly upbeat girls you’ll ever care to meet. She’s one of those kids who is popular for all the right reasons. All the kids on the court are like that, really — I can’t think of a single instance when I’ve seen any of them mouth off to a teacher or put down other students. The fact that these kids were elected to the court makes me proud of our whole student body. 

Speaking of royalty, I watched the parade with Princess Wiggly, her daddy, and their faithful sidekick, Liza. Mom and big brother showed up later, after they finished a gymnastics lesson. The kids made sure Wiggly got plenty of candy, and one of the guys on the sophomore float threw us a T-shirt, which Wiggly’s brother wore for the rest of the parade. (Unfortunately, my picture of him in the shirt didn’t turn out well, as it was getting really dark out.)

I went to a chili supper after the parade. I think it was a fundraiser for our alumni association or something. When I got home, I had a nice phone conversation with a student’s mother, revamped my lesson plan for tomorrow, made a studyguide on the prologue and first scene in Antigone, and pulled together a list of assignments and instructions for a boy who is failing my class and needs to make up a lot of work in a short time. I ought to grade some papers, but I’m really tired. I think those vocabulary assignments can wait for tomorrow.


People in your neighborhood

I volunteered to work a booth at Neighborfest on Tuesday night at Reed Park.

I think the turnout was pretty good. I wound up sharing a table with Katy from RedFork Main Street after we realized the tables were really big and our collections of handouts and goodies were not quite sufficient to fill two separate tables.

Our local high school principal/Main Street veep played blues guitar during the talent show. I thought he sounded pretty good.

Princess Wiggly and her family showed up. Wiggly liked the free stuff. Here she is with a popsicle in her hand and a Frisbee on her head. (I assume the Frisbee was standing in for her usual tiara.) Her brother came to see me a little later, but he had a gymnastics lesson that conflicted with part of the festivities.

Katy and Nancy from RedFork Main Street had time for a brief visit before things really got rolling.

I think the Neighborfest block parties are a good idea. Mayor Taylor started them a couple of years ago. The city sponsors a block party in a different ward each week in the summer. The city councilor for that ward shows up, and all the local civic and nonprofit organizations can set up booths to distribute information and materials. Borden brings a truck and hands out free ice cream and popsicles, and the fire department brings the “smoke house” so kids can practice escaping from a burning building. It’s a nice way to give families something to do, and it gives everybody a chance to talk to their elected officials and learn about the services and organizations in their neighborhood.


Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay

RedFork Main Street had a cleanup day along Southwest Boulevard (Route 66) this morning. I was in Chandler really late, working on the Trip Guide, but I was back home and in bed by 2:30 or so, which gave me about four and a half hours of sleep before Ron and I had to be at the office to pick up some stuff so we could help Katy set up the volunteer sign-in table and stuff.

We got done at noon, went to lunch at 12:30, and headed out to the garden at 1 p.m. to start putting tomatoes in the ground. We’ve planted everything except the peppers, which can’t go out until the overnight temperatures are consistently in the 50s (probably mid-May). Our garden this year includes:

Sixteen different varieties of tomatoes (I have NO restraint when we go to the Tomato Man’s place)
Four varieties of cucumbers
Spaghetti squash
Lots of herbs
Two kinds of carrots
Brussels sprouts
Blackberries (the brambles are well-established and are already loaded with buds this year)
A wildflower mix we got for free from Burt’s Bees

I was happy that my golden thyme — a present from Mom last summer — had survived the winter, and my rosemary seems to be coming back. The mint is coming up in the front, too. I like the way the mint grows. It’s in the front flowerbeds, and it gets big and sort of spills out of them, so when you walk by, you brush against it and make the leaves release that lovely mint smell. It’s awesome.

I have dirt under my nails and little scratch marks on my arms and a pink sunburn across my nose and I’m tired and dirty and hot and happy.

I hope you’re happy, too, wherever you are.


The joys of summer

The popsicle in this picture is actually the second popsicle Scout sampled today. She grabbed the first one and pulled it out of my hand before Songdog got a turn.

I made her share the second one. She wasn’t too happy about it.

Pay special attention to Scout’s face in this image, because it’s the most pitiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Meanwhile, Song is the picture of contentment….

It still cracks me up that Scout knows what the ice-cream truck is all about. And lest you think I was playing favorites: I let Jason have the last bite of my ice-cream sandwich later, because he doesn’t like popsicles.


Da Bomb

If you think dogs aren’t susceptible to human marketing tactics, you’ve never had an excited rat terrier tear into your office and bark hysterically for a solid minute while you try to ignore the ice-cream truck that is two blocks over and slowly rolling your way.

Evidently Scout understands stimulus and response well enough to know that when the funny calliope music plays, Mommy is supposed to scurry out the door to get a popsicle for the dogs.

I was in Big Trouble last week when I came back with a Reese bar for Ron and a chocolate-chip sandwich cookie for myself but neglected to bring back a treat for Scout. Jason and Songdog are oblivious to the approach of the ice-cream truck, but Scout is keenly aware of the correct protocol, and my faux pas earned me the infamous Rat Terrier Glare.

I made it up to her this afternoon. After letting the truck pass once without a response, I gave in to Scout’s vociferous demands and chased it halfway down the block, catching up to it at the stop sign and panting, “I need — a popsicle — for my dog.” (The driver was amused to learn that said dog understands what that music means and is willing to throw a fit until I respond.)

Jason isn’t big on frozen treats, but Scout and Song happily shared a Bomb Pop Jr. — Song gleefully licking all the different flavors, and Scout gamely gnawing at the end. (Scout is very good at eating food off a stick — a skill she picked up at the Cozy Dog Drive-In on Route 66 in Springfield, Ill. I’ve never seen a dog eat a corn dog off a stick so fast in my life.) They even took turns without growling at each other, which I have never seen Scout do before.

Such is the magic of the ice-cream truck….